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STEP 3: Access Resources
Consider how your congregation will serve when disaster strikes and use the online resources to help you get ready to respond when disaster strikes.
File Types: pdf
Denominational Disaster Preparedness Guides
Risk Assessment Worksheet

A simple risk assessment table for houses of worship to score the probability of disaster or hazards happening in their location.

File Type: Excel

Emergency Operation Plan

An outlines the policies and procedures related to emergency operations for a house of worship. It describes the organization and assigns tasks as required to ensure the safety of the congregation and continuity of operations.

File Type: docx

Emergency Quick Guide

This guide is a user-friendly summary of the  Emergency Operations Plan. It explains what House of Worship members can and should do in response to various emergency situations. Trained Emergency Response Team members will provide direction and assistance, but an educated congregation is a safer congregation.

File Type: docx

House of Worship Disaster Planning Tool

A faith leader’s disaster planning tool, resource guide and profile for preparing your congregation, with key questions and links for Houses of Worship

File Type: docx

House of Worship Planning Tool Presentation

A short power point presentation overview to use when training others on the contents of the House of Worship Disaster Planning Tool.

File Type: PPT

These promotional resources are available to help you engage your congregation in the readiness and response efforts.

Willing to Respond Badge.png
Willing To Respond Badge Logo

Display the badge on your website and your disaster response materials to show you are a Willing To Respond congregation.

DOWNLOAD File Types: png/eps

Customize These Materials for Your Church

These promotional materials are designed to be customized by adding your church's logo and key details relevant to your congregation's disaster response efforts. Denomination group logos are also available to be added to your materials.

Service Announcement Slides

Promote your disaster response activities to your congregation during your in-person or online worship experience. A title slide for service announcements is included along with a background slide for adding your own instructions and information.

DOWNLOAD File Type: jpg  Size: 1920x1080

Social Media

Post on social media with these images and the hashtag #WillingToRespond to engage your congregation in volunteering and let them know how to get involved. A pdf with sample posts to go with the images is also included.

DOWNLOAD File Type: png  Sizes: 1080x1080 (Facebook/Instagram) 1200x675 (Twitter)

Editable Handout: Ways to Serve

Use this handout to let your congregation know all the ways they can serve in disaster response. The handout can be edited to customize for your specific needs.

DOWNLOAD File Type: docx  Size: 8.5x11

Editable Half-Page Flyer

Use this editable flyer to promote specific disaster response activities and ways congregants can get involved.

DOWNLOAD File Types: docx/jpg/pdf  Size: 5.5x8.5

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