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STEP 2: Assign a Leader
Identify a point of contact or Disaster Response Coordinator (DRC) to enable your congregation to be in communication, the most critical element of disaster response. 
The Disaster Response Coordinator (DRC) directs your congregation’s response and serves as the liaison between your congregation, your denominational disaster response ministries, local disaster relief agencies, and other congregations Willing To Respond. Anyone Willing To Respond can serve as a DRC, and training materials are available to equip them. There are two primary functions of the role:
The DRC is the central point of contact between your network of disaster response organizations and your congregation and helps ensure effective communication by:
  • Following and responding to communication from the local disaster relief agencies and your denominational disaster response ministries
  • Sharing relevant disaster response information with your congregation
  • Connecting with other local disaster response leaders
The DRC coordinates the participation of the congregation and its members in disaster response by:
  • Helping your congregation identify how you will respond to disaster
  • Offering or coordinating training for volunteers as needed
  • Arranging a process for volunteers to serve when opportunities arise
  • Forming a disaster response team
DRC Training Manual

The DRC Training Manual is a step-by-step guide to fulfilling the role and executing disaster response within your congregation.

These training materials are available to help the DRC successfully fulfill the role in their congregation.
DRC Training Video

The DRC Training Video provides an overview of the DRC's role and responsibilities.

File Type: pdf
File Type: Mp4/Mov

Promotional materials are available to help you engage your congregation in the readiness and response efforts.

Willing To Respond Badge Logo

Display the badge on your website and your disaster response materials to show you are a Willing To Respond congregation.

DOWNLOAD File Types: png/eps

Service Announcement Slides

Promote your disaster response activities to your congregation during your in-person or online worship experience. A title slide for service announcements is included along with a background slide to add your own instructions and information.

DOWNLOAD File Type: jpg  Size: 1920x1080

Social Media

Post on social media with these images and the hashtag #WillingToRespond to engage your congregation in volunteering and let them know how to get involved.

DOWNLOAD File Type: png  Sizes: 1080x1080 (Facebook/Instagram) 1200x675(Twitter)

Editable Handout: Ways to Serve

Use this handout to let our congregation know all the ways they can serve in disaster response. The handout can be edited to customize for your specific needs.

DOWNLOAD File Type: docx  Size: 8.5x11

Editable Half-Page Flyer

Use this editable flyer to promote specific disaster response activities and ways congregants can get involved. 

DOWNLOAD File Types: docx/jpg/pdf  Size: 5.5x8.5

Willing to Respond Badge.png
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